Commercial Sew Foam & Seat Pad

At Core Products Group, we take pride in providing only high-grade, premium products to our customers. Seat padding is crucial when designing or repairing the seats of a vehicle. We offer our sew foam seat padding by the yard and in a variety of thicknesses based on the needs of your business or organization.

Our sew foam is a thin sheet of high-quality, polyurethane foam that is laminated to the fabric of a vehicle seat to hold the stitch in place. We offer both 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch foam seat pads to ensure we can pair you with the products you need. In addition to its functionality, seat padding can provide superior comfort by reducing the pressure that can sometimes come with sitting for extended periods of time while driving. Its structure also plays a role in absorbing shock created by highways or uneven roadways.

Core Products Group is your one-stop shop for commercial sew foam and seat padding. Request a sample today.