Bulk Vinyl

bulk vinyl

Our seating-grade, OEM and aftermarket expanded bulk vinyls are superior quality, American-made products that are unmatched in performance, design and looks. Sold by the roll, our vinyl coated fabrics are manufactured for automotive interior trim, marine seating, furniture seating and other commercial seating and related applications. These products are built to last for years, and to withstand a variety of conditions. We have a wide variety of designs, textures, grains, and colors, enabling us to help you find the best material for the job.

Automotive, Marine, & Furniture Grade Vinyl

At Core Products Group, we specialize in durable materials. Vinyl is a popular choice in automotive and marine upholstery due to its overall strength, design appeal and resistance to moisture and humidity. Our vinyl products are sold by the roll and constructed with strong fabric on the backside to hold a stitch when sewn into car seats, boat seats, and more. Some of our automotive and marine vinyls also have a layer of foam on the backside, for ease of sewing into a seat.

No matter what type of vinyl-coated fabric you're looking for, we want you to enjoy our designs, grains, and colors with confidence. At Core Products Group, we have the bulk vinyl you need to finish the job. Request a sample today!